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Конференция «Lesprom.IT» – это ключевое событие года для специалистов ЛПК, ЦБК и лесопромышленных групп компаний!
九月 8, 2021, 星期三, 10:00
Petrozavodsk, 俄國
The annual conference "Lesprom-IT" (information technologies in the timber industry) is a platform for communication and exchange of experience of financial Directors, it specialists, General Directors of timber industry enterprises. The conference is traditionally held every autumn in Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia and every year is gaining more and more momentum. Among the conference guests of the past years were companies like GK, "Ilim" GK "Segeza group", GC "Russian forest group", UK "the RP Group",GC "Segezha Group", group of companies "Vologda Lesopromyshlenniki" ha "Metsa Group", Perm pulp and paper mill JSC "Kondopoga", Cardboard factory "Proletariy", "Karjala pulp", "Karelia wood", "FACE Pestovo", "Hasslacher", "Cherepovetsles", "Karelian wood company" Kartontara, "Solomenskiy Lesozavod", "Artmarket", "White stream", "CLAS-Astar", "Vetluga invest" and others. The conference is organized by the company "Neosystems North-West LTD" - an expert in the field of automation of accounting at the enterprises of the timber industry. The only partner of 1C company, which for 25 years purposefully implements accounting systems at the enterprises of the timber industry and develops specialized solutions for the creation of accounting systems that take into account the specifics of the industry. The conference covers a variety of automation issues, ranging from the current state of the automation level of most enterprises and trends in the field of automation, to highly specialized issues related to the solution of specific problems, such as cost calculation, data loading from equipment, solving problems at the level of MES-systems, solving problems faced by enterprises in the implementation of ERP-class systems, and others. In addition to the reports, supported by the long-term practice of the company "Neosystems North-West LTD", provides live communication, where all participants can discuss and exchange personal experience on the issue of interest.
十月 10, 2018, 星期三, 10:00
Petrozavodsk, 俄國