十二月 6, 2017

Engimach 2017

International Machine Building Exhibition in Ahmedabad, India.
6 十二月 — 十二月 10, 2017
联系方式 10:00, 6 十二月
电话 19:00, 10 十二月
380054, Gandhinagar, 印度
3rd Floor, Kailash-A, Sumangalam Society, Above HDFC Bank, Opp. Drive-In Cinema, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 380054, Gujarat, INDIA, K and D Communication Limited
ITPO (India Trade Promotion Organisation) K & D Communications Ltd.

The way humans make and use tools is perhaps what sets our species apart more than anything else. Now scientists are more and more uncovering the forces that drove our lineage to our heights of tool use — and how tool use, in turn, might have influenced our evolution.