Insolvenz/Liquidation - Holz Märkte News

November 10, 2017

Appvion to consolidate carbonless paper manufacturing operations

Appvion Inc. plans to consolidate the majority of the carbonless paper coating and rewinding operations currently performed at its plant in Appleton, Wisconsin, to its integrated pulp and paper mill in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania, and relocate the Appleton Plant’s sheeting operations to an Appvion-...
November 9, 2017

Western Forest Products closes Englewood logging train in British Columbia, Canada

Western Forest Products Inc. closes its Englewood logging train in British Columbia, Canada. Logs will be transported by truck at a lower cost to create efficiencies in the transportation of logs to its mills from northern Vancouver Island forestry operations, as the company says in the press releas...
Oktober 24, 2017

UPM Paper ENA to close paper machine at Blandin mill in Minnesota

UPM Paper ENA plans to optimize operations at its UPM Nordland Papier and UPM NorService units in Dörpen, Germany, Europe's biggest fine paper site. Streamlining internal processes and investing in automation will enable a sustainable improvement of the fixed cost structure, as the company says in t...
Oktober 17, 2017

West Linn Paper Company ceasing operations and winding up business

West Linn Paper Company ceasing operations and will commence a winding up of its business supervised by its second lien lender. "We are deeply disappointed to end the mill’s 128 year history, the last twenty of which resulted from a major restructuring and restart when our current owners...
Oktober 6, 2017

Albany International to restructure machine clothing operations in Sélestat, France

Albany International's subsidiary, Albany International France S.A.S. (“Albany France”), has initiated discussions with the employee Works Councilregarding a proposal to restructure operations at the Company’s machine clothing production facilities in Sélestat, France. The proposed restructuring wou...