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Oktober 19, 2017

Japan’s imports of plywood rose 11% in August

Japan’s August imports of plywood rose 11% year-on-year but compared to a month earlier August import volumes were flat, as ITTO reported.Over the past 12 months shippers in Malaysia, mainly Sarawak have provided the largest volume of plywood to Japan. The second ranked shipper is Indonesia followed...
Oktober 18, 2017

Japan’s imports of wooden doors down 10% in August

The value of Japan’s July imports of wooden doors was little changed from the previous month and data for August shows a 10% decline year-on-year with a month-on-month fall of 18%, as ITTO reported.In August the three main shippers, China, the Philippines and Indonesia accounted for 86% of all impor...
Oktober 16, 2017

Japan’s wooden window imports decreased by 27% in August

The steady decline in year-on-year imports of wooden windows into Japan continued into August. Year-on-year Japan’s August 2017 imports of wooden windows were down 27% and compared to a month earlier August imports were down 18%, as ITTO reported.As has been the trend over the year 3 countries domin...
Oktober 6, 2017

China’s sawnwood imports increased by 16% in 1H 2017

In the 1H 2017, China’s sawnwood imports totalled 18.12 million cubic metres valued at $4.75 billion, a year-on-year increase of 16% in volume and 24% in value, ITTO reported.The average price for imported sawnwood in the 1H 2017 was $262 per cubic metre, up 7% over the same period of 2016.Of total ...
September 25, 2017

China’s tropical log imports down 7% in 1H 2017

China’s tropical log imports in the first half of 2017 totalled 4.43 million cubic metres, down 7% year-on-year and accounted for 17% of the national total. The value of tropical log imports in the first half of 2017 was $1.278 billion reflecting a 2.3% decline, as the company said in the press rele...