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Ash Pellets 6 mm

Vorrätig Biomass wood pelletDatum: 04.08.18
Lieferumfang 2 000 kg / woche
Zahlung und Lieferung


Heizwert, kcal/kg4
Wassergehalt, %5
HerstellerAgro wood
Rock-Dichte, kg/m32.8
Aschegehalt, %-0
Durchmesser, mm6


Biomass particles is the second generation fuel, it doesnot waste the land,no effect with food production. It Change waste into treasure, when made to Biomass partides, it can replace the coal, petroleum,gas and so on to burning.mainly be used in all kinds of industrial boilers. It will be arrive at 4500~5000calorie per ton. The energy efficiency is same as standard coal burning. And all kinds of Emission indicators are all less the GB13271-2001 Standard. It can save about 40%~50% cost with oil,gas, Electric heating. It belong to a kind of high efficiency and saving energy products.

Biomass particles advantage:

(1), it is a kind of natural biomass particles fuel. Clean and environmental protection. It can replace the city gas, and low of water content inside. With High combustion efficiency.

(2), it can save pace. After high temperature compression, so it save much space and easy to packing and transport.

(3), High combustion efficiency: it can improve the efficiency of burning, the heating efficiency can be over 80%, one ton Biomass particles is same as 0.8 ton coal.

(4), it is very safty when it burning. Biomass particles fuel come from many kinds of Biology products and broken wooden. There is no Chemical substances. So it cannot bring Poisoning accident,explosive or Leakage accident.

(5), it can be sustainable use. After burning the biomass particles,the ash will be as one kind of good fertilizer. It can be used in all kinds of plant fertilizer and won't bring pollution to the environment. Packaging Details 15kg bags/Carton or buyer's request

Zahlung und Lieferung

TransportNach Vereinbarung
Zielland auf IncotermsUkraine
Verpackung15kg plastic bags


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