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Wood Decking Oil

Vorrätig Narso Decking OilDatum: 30.07.18
Lieferumfang 100 000 l / monat


Ideal decking oil must meet the challenges made by natural deterioration of wood due to natural atmospheric changes, temperature variations, changes in moisture contents, mould and fungal attacks and ability for water repellence.

Also it must have   destructive UV rays absorption properties.


NARSO Decking oil is specially formulated to enhance natural beauty of decks and exterior wooden furniture; It is ideal solution for exterior deck and furniture protection and maintenance.

NARSO decking oil contains specially filtered natural vegetable oils and resins. For best results it is added with advanced UV rays absorption additives, anti mold and fungus additives and water repellent additives.

NARSO decking oil is penetrating and hardening decking oil.


Uses –   Decking, garden furniture, and exterior wood. Virtually it is ideal for any type of wood



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