Unternehmen aus Brest, Belarus


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Vorbestellen, 30 Tagen 3Datum: 21.07.14
135.0 / m2
Lieferumfang 5 000 m2 / einmal
+375 anzeigen-Nummer


Our basic specialization is making of high-quality wooden windows, different forms and sizes. Material for making of windows the coniferous, твердолиственные and exotic breeds of wood serve as : pine-tree, larch, oak, меранти. Our unicity is in that we have the raw material and processing base, highly skilled management and personnel, use the newest technologies of processing and production. We take away the healthiest, ecologically clean wood, exactly we maintain technology of drying and treatment, with care, professionally and qualitatively we produce editing on the objects of customer. Our advantage is very tall quality in everything! Choosing us as a permanent partner-producer of wooden windows, you choose: marketability of any architectural ideas, stably high quality, exact terms of ordering fulfillment, quality warranty and permanent consultative service. Our windows well went hygienical certification  and got a certificate