Unternehmen aus Trikala, Greece


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Beech lumber

VorrätigDatum: 13.02.16
280.0 / m3
Mindestbestellwert: 50 m3.
Lieferumfang 50 m3 / monat
+30 anzeigen-Nummer
Zahlung und Lieferung


Länge, m2.5
Dicke, mm500
Wassergehalt, %12
Breite, mm200


We are a family, wood factory, business based in Greece, processing, mostly, beech logs selected among the greek forests. We are looking for international buyers in order to build new and long-term cooperations. Our facilities include the steaming and drying cycles of the timber, so that we can deliver top quality products. We are capable of delivering at least 50 c.m./ month or more depending the demand. The grades are, -Grade B/C mixed, that include plates with over 3-4 knobs and the core of the log. -Grade A/B mixed, that include plates with almost none and up to 3 knobs. -Grade EXTRA, that include all the plates that have usually no knobs at all or 1 very small knob. All plates are unsquared all around. Ofcourse, we can deliver semi-squared or squared plates at additional cost, at demand. Prices for the above grades are, -Grade B/C mixed, 250€ -Grade A/B mixed, 320€ -Grade EXTRA, 480€ All prices include delivery to the port of Piraeus, Athens. Ofcourse, we can discuss for further delivery or help you arrange your own means of transportation.

Minimum order: 30 cm3

Zahlung und Lieferung

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