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We offer you a guide bars GBTitaniumso warehouse in Perm from the official dealer of "Kamsel":

* GB Manufacturing Pty in Russia, offers high quality Titanium guide bars for harvesters as well as sprockets, chains and other accessories. *

* Tires GB are used by large and well-known manufacturers like John Deere, Waratah, Valmet, as well as many other small companies. *

* Here you can pick up the guide bar harvester and accessories for almost any harvester head.


OREGON, IGGESUND FOREST, GB - harvester tires, chains, slave and master star

752HSFL104 bus harvester "OREGON" .404 "-2.0-75sm-84zv (vdsch.zv.11-13 tooth)

752HSFL114 bus harvester "OREGON" .404 "-2.0-75sm-84zv (vdsch.zv.11-13 tooth)

752HSFL149 bus harvester "OREGON" .404 "-2.0-75sm-90zv (vdsch.zv.17 tooth) (Johne Deer)

752HSFB149 Bus (Oreg) .404 "-2.0-75sm-85zv-vdsch.zv.13 tooth (IGGESUND2811-75, Timberjack758 / 758HD-SC.Vaimet360.370.

822HSFL149 bus harvester "OREGON" .404 "-2.0-82sm-93zv (vdsch.zv. 12 tooth) (Johne Deer)

The saw chain in the bay harvester "OREGON" 100futov 18HX (.404 "-2,0mm-1480zven)

OREGON grinding disc 145h4,7h22,3mm chain 3/8

OREGON grinding disc 145h3,2h22,3mm chain 3/8

Leading asterisk harvester OR-C11-404 "Oregon

Leading asterisk harvester OR-C12-404 "Oregon

Leading asterisk harvester OR-C13-404 "Oregon

Asterisk driven harvester 404 "-11zub 2.0 mm Oregon

Link in the chain saw Oregon plug connector 404 "-2.0 (18HX)

Link in the chain connecting the guide plate Oregon 404 "-2.0 (18HX) (P110583)

Machine for riveting the chains (Oregon 24549A)

Machine for rasklepyvaniya circuits (Oregon 24548A)

Grinding machine e. (Oregon 220VO)

Spike riveting OREGON 38597 3/8 ", 404", 1/2 "

Anvil unregulated OREGON needle rasklepochnogo machine OREG 1/4 ",. 325". 3/8 ". 4


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