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Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill


APPM and Titan Group Support Establishment of Verkhneyulovsky Nature Reserve on At Least 350,000 Ha

Confirming their commitment to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business, Arkhangelsk PPM and their general supplier of ...

Titan Group


GC "TITAN" participates in the formation of new Russian FSC standards

“Titan” Group of companies is a member of the National Working Group on Voluntary Forest Certification Association, as well as the Association’s Technical Committee. The holding takes an act...

Titan Group


Ust-Pokshenga LPH, LLC and Titan’s section in Svetly start selective cutting in Northern Dvina-Pinega interfluve

To preserve the ecosystem and its environment protection function, Titan Group's logging company, Ust-Pokshenga LPH and its section in the Svetly s...



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Market research

Overall results of Russian forest based industry in 2017 (in Russian)

Annual issue of the results of the Russian forest based industry. The report contains the dynamics and the results of the industry, a detailed analysis of all of its segments, the results of major companies. The report contains an analysis of state regulation with respect to forest based industry and the chronology of the key events of the year.

Russian lumber export in first half 2017 (in English)

The report includes Russian softwood export data with details of suppliers and their volumes, export markets trends and prices.

Russian logs export in first half 2017

Russian sawlogs and pulpwood export in first half 2017 by countries, regions and types of wood

Russian OSB market in first half 2017

Research of russian OSB market in first half 2017 by countries, regions and average prices

Russian pellets export in first half 2017

Russian pellets export in FH 2017 by countries, regions and average prices

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