US hardwood flooring imports increased by 13% in August

US hardwood flooring imports increased in August 2014, while imports of assembled flooring panels declined from the previous month. Year on year, imports of hardwood flooring increased by 13% to $3. 6 million in August. Indonesia was the largest source of imports at $716,846. August imports ...Read All

SCA Timber appointed Ville Huittinen as Raw Material Manager

Ville Huittinen has been appointed Raw Material Manager at SCA Timber. Wood raw material is without comparison SCA Timber’s largest cost item and Ville will be working with developing the company’s raw material supply and capacity to make the best possible use of the sawlogs’ potential value. V...Read All

Ghana’s 8-months wood product exports up 14.8%

In the first eight months of this year Ghana exported 209,928 cubic metres of wood products earning Euro 84. 23 million. Export volumes in the first eight months of 2014 were 14. 8% higher compared to the same period in 2013, ITTO reported. The export of primary products (poles and bil...Read All

Overall results of russian forest products industry

On March, 2014 Lesprom Network has published a new analytical report «The forest based industries in Russia: results of 2013 year». To get more information
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