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Wood Stabilizer

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Wood Stabilizer

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Wood stabilization is a system of impregnating wood with chemicals to form a hard and tough surface.  Stabilized wood is generally easier to turn, sand, and polish than unstabilized wood, particularly spalted and punky woods.  Stabilizing enhances grain appearance, increases water-resistance, and the increased hardness helps resist scuffing and scratching.

Wood products change and warp depending upon the temperature and humidity. If you want to reduce the chances of this happening, you can stabilize the wood with chemical treatments. Doing this will add weight and harden.


Woodstab 919 is high Performance Wood stabilizer quick drying liquid formulated to strengthen and reinforce decayed or rotting wood.

Woodstab 919 penetrates deeply in to the wood and binds and reinforces the decayed wood fibres.

Woodstab 919 great performance wood stabiliser seals wood from further cracking, warping or damaging.

Woodstab 919 increases dimensional stability of the wood.


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