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Panel pressing plant “OLM”


composed by:


-Loading group mod. IN

-oleodynamic elevation boards

-up to 5000kg

-glue coater with 4 rollers , L. 3000

-roller way 6000x3000mm

-angular returns (90°) loading sheets – 2700x2000mm

-depression loaders mod Inde 3000

-elevation boards x2000

-composition belt x3000

-transfer belts x3000

-belts with band-tablet for multi-layer panels preparation

-90° transfer with rollers and belts, transfering sheets to press


-press loader mod. OLM

-loading system with belts

-12 boards for panels

-sheet keepers for panel positioning in the press

-hydraulic group lifting the loading boards


-Multi-room press OLM/A. Cremona

-12 rooms

-plans size 2700x1950

-specific pressure up to 15kg/cm2

-produce panels from 3 to 40mm

surface heating system with hot water and forced cirulation

-hydraulic group for press cylinders composed by: tank, filling pumps and high-pressure pumps

-press downloader with 12 rooms

-downloading boards for pressed sheets

-belt transportation

-extraction rollers

-oleodynamic elevation board for boxing up to 3000x2000

-control panels


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