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Rounded logs

US$96 / m3
Supplier: Terem-Brus Trade offer: #234515817

Rounded logs

US$96 / m3
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Minimum order: 30 m3.
Delivery from Kostroma, Russia


The woodworking enterprise "Terem-Brus" is engaged in production and sale of the rounded log of various diameters. Production is located in Kostroma. For production of sets of wooden houses and baths we use the wood of coniferous breeds prepared in the Kostroma and Arkhangelsk areas.

We deliver wooden designs to the countries of Europe the motor transport (length of 13,5 m, volume about 30 cubic meters of the rounded log one car). Delivery by sea containers is possible (40 DH, volume about 40 cubic meters). To the countries of Asia optimum to deliver wooden houses railway cars. Capacity of one car of about 58 cubic meters.

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Minimum order
30 m3


Company from Kostroma, Russia
Speaks languages: Russian

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Supplier Avior S. Danielius Ir Ko Terem-Brus S. Danielius Ir Ko Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia
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