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Fuel wood briquettes

US$91 / mt
Supplier: Rechitsadrev Trade offer: #235507042

Fuel wood briquettes

US$91 / mt
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Minimum order: 15 mt.
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US$85/ mt from 50 mt
US$82/ mt from 100 mt
Delivery from Rechitsa, Belarus


The sizeof the briquette: 40-110*150*60mm
The density ofthe granulesis notless than 800kg/m3
A moisture content not exceeding12%(actually7,4%)
The ash content ofnot more than 0.4% (actually0,22%)
The sulfur content ofnot more than 0.15% (actually0,08%)
The nitrogen content ofnot more than 2.5% (actually2.2 percent)
Lower heating value16600kJ/kg
Briquettesare Packed inheat-sealedpolyethylene bagsof 12 pieces.
Net weightof the briquettesin the bagis about10 kg.


Heating value
16,6 kcal/kg
Wood species

Payment and delivery

Minimum order
15 mt


Company from Rechitsa, Belarus
Speaks languages: English, Russian

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Name of product RUF briquettes 20 mm x 40 mm x 59 mm Pini Kay Briquette 65 mm x 65 mm x 230 mm Fuel wood briquettes Wood Briquettes Pini-Kay Briquettes
Supplier Agro Feed Tauril Kft. Rechitsadrev Agro Feed Bio-Teh
Country of Delivery Ukraine Hungary Belarus Ukraine Ukraine
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