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Quality Wood Pellets - Pine and Oak Wood Pellets 6 mm

In stockDate: 08.10.18
Wholesale price:
120.0US$ / mt
Minimum order: 25 mt.
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Supply volume 120 000 mt / month
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Wood speciesPine
Wood density, kg/m31100
Moisture content, %38
Loading density, kg/m3792
Heating value, kcal/kg4200
Ash content, %8
Diameter, mm6
Country of originUkraine


1, low moisture ,ash and sulfur
2, 100% made by pine saw dust with high heating value
3, long burning time, high energy content
4, Minimum carbon dioxide, ensure fresh environment.
5, After burned, ash can be used as fertilizer, not harmful to environment.

We have in bulk quantity the following woods and charcoal for hookah shisha and BBQ.

pine wood pellet , oak wood pellet
wood pellet fuel
wood briquettes
wood pellet Din Plus
Wood Pellet
Sunflower Husk Pellet
Rice Husk Pellet
Mangrove Charcoal
Coconut shell Charcoal
Shisha Charcoal
Lump Charcoal
Lemon and orange charcoal
coconut charcoal briquettes
sawdust charcoal briquettes
oak charcoal
Hardwood Charcoal
cuban charcoal
Palm kernel Charcoal
Kiln Dried Split Firewood
Dried Split Firewood
Beech and Oak Firewood on pallets
birch Firewood
Fresh Firewood
Firewood on Crates

quality : din+ quality
materials : pure pine wood
moisture : 8%max
calorie :4200-4800 mj/kg
ash :0.5% -0.6%max
shape :stick
color :light yellow/brown
diameter : 6mm
length : 15mm-30mm
inner density :1100-1300kg/m3 min
bulk density : 792kg/m3 min
package :15kg plasctic bags or big bag.

Payment and delivery

Packaging25 kg bags
DestinationDonetsk Region, Ukrainsk
TransportationBy agreement
Country of destination on IncotermsUkraine


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