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Wooden Pellets

US$108 / mt
Supplier: VNG Group GmbH Trade offer: #234856344

Wooden Pellets

US$108 / mt
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Minimum order: 22 mt.
Supply volume 220 mt / month
Delivery from Kiev, Ukraine


The «VNG GROUP» is a group of companies that carries out ground services of the industrial enterprises, entities of the fiscal and social sphere, striving for independence from external and internal factors in the field of power and heat supply.

In the field of the social and fiscal sphere, we carry out replacements of gas / oil-fired boilers to the alternative - local types of fuel (firewood, briquettes, peat, straw, pellets).

The «VNG GROUP» is a major exporter of high-quality and reliable fuel granules / pellets and fuel briquettes to the countries of the European Union (the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States and Scandinavia).

In the sphere of delivery of coal we cooperate with such companies as: Oxbow Carbon LLC (USA) and 3NT Limited (UK), which are the leaders in the global coal production, its further processing, trading and delivery of coal power brands.

Our services:

-the energy audit of the industrial enterprises, entities of the fiscal and social sphere, design and re-equipment and also construction of turn-key boiler-plants;

-selection of optimal types of boilers and equipment;

-delivery of the heat generating equipment;

-installation and pre-commissioning;

-calculation of the required amount of solid fuels;

-operative supply of high-quality solid biofuel (pellets / briquettes / RUF / Pini Kay) and power types of coal.

The «VNG GROUP» is a complex solution, european quality of equipment and services and individual approach to every client.


Heating value
19 kcal/kg
Wood species
Siberian Pine

Payment and delivery

Minimum order
22 mt
By agreement


Company from Kiev, Ukraine
Speaks languages: English, Russian, Deutsch,

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