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House wooden frame-panel

US$278 / m2
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House wooden frame-panel

US$278 / m2
Delivery from Baranovichi, Belarus


Technology Frame and panel construction is not an analog low-rise concrete boxes and, on the other hand, does not suspicious construction innovation from which we can expect any surprises. Frame-panel construction is popular in the United States and Canada for over 60 years. It's fast, secure, warm and durable. The lifetime of the building 50 years. Frame-panel houses are inhabited year round. The construction of such a house is composed entirely of plates, which are initially embedded within the frame elements. Individual frame-panel easily manufactured and assembled.


Company from Baranovichi, Belarus
Speaks languages: Russian

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US$278 / m2
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Name of product Dry Timber Wall Prefab Garden Cabins (house kits) House wooden frame-panel Wooden carcass house, roof trusses
Supplier Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia YekoDoriya Stroitelno-investizionnaya kompanya "Skol"
Country of Delivery Russia Belarus Ukraine
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