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Wooden carcass house, roof trusses

US$150 / m2
Supplier: Stroitelno-investizionnaya kompanya "Skol" Trade offer: #234693367

Wooden carcass house, roof trusses

US$150 / m2
Wholesale prices
US$130/ m2 from 500 m2
Supply volume 6 000 m2 / month
Delivery from Ivano Frankovsk, Ukraine


We are Ukrainian producer of wooden prefabricated frame houses, roof trusses and structures in technology MiTek Industries Ltd. We have experience since 1995 and now actively searching for partners. We are highly interested in cooperation with:
- independent builders (or building companies) 
- producers of wooden houses for who we could become a reliable supplier of separate structures (elements)
- agents/traders
We have 3000 sqm. of production area and we are capable of producing and installing quality wooden houses, poultry-houses, cowsheds, barns, piggeries, agricultural sheds. 

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Company from Ivano Frankovsk, Ukraine
Speaks languages: English, Russian, Deutsch

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US$250 / m3
US$150 / m2
Name of product Dry Timber Wall Prefab Garden Cabins (house kits) Wooden carcass house, roof trusses
Supplier Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia Stroitelno-investizionnaya kompanya "Skol"
Country of Delivery Russia Ukraine
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