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The decisive factor for perfect print quality and optimum visibility on the labels and materials - is the choice of the respective inks.

Range includes more than 200 different types of inks, so that markirovaka reproduced on different surfaces: porous and absorbent or smooth and absorbent. Furthermore, the ink have been developed for use in difficult environmental conditions such as high temperature or extreme contamination.

The following ink can be used and are available in the REA-JET marking systems: Paints, water-based ethanol ink The isopropanol ink ethyl - acetate ink Quick-drying inks MEK pigment inks (white, blue, green, yellow, red and silver) for high marking contrast High ink UV inks (only under UV light or visible) Naphtha ink for marking rubber products and tires ink with the FDA approval for direct food labels Labelling wax in the form of granules (especially suitable for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries) solvents and detergents funds for all ink

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