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nachalnik otdela yeksporta/importa
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Straw bio pellets

Pre-order, 30 daysDate: 22.01.15
Wholesale price:
0.1US$ / kg
Minimum order: 20000 kg.
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Supply volume 100 000 kg / month
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Wood speciesAcacia
Country of originRussia
Heating value, kcal/kg3465 кКал


Russian company accepts preliminary orders for straw bio pellets for 2015 year.
Time of Shipment-autumn 2015
Min  month order -20 tons
Max month order -100 tons
Delivery terms -FCA Seller's store (Krasnodar, Russia)
Packing-50kg PP bags or 500kr Big Bags
Straw Bio Pellets
Ash content -2-3%
Size 6-8 mm
Heating Capacity  (BTU content)-3465 Kcal
FCA price 0.09$/kg


Conact person

Mrs. Svetlana Myakish
60-7 Dzerzhinskogo St., Tomsk, 634041, Russia
+7 (3822) 201317

Payment and delivery

Packagingвозможна упаковка ПЭТ мешки 50/20/15 кг
Terms of paymentпо договоренности
TransportationBy agreement


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