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Pine saw logs

In stock 4403Date: 20.02.17
Wholesale price:
60.0US$ / m3
Minimum order: 1000 m3.
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Supply volume 20 000 m3 / month
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Wood speciesPine
Diameter, mm260
Length, m5.8
Moisture content, %23
Country of originUkraine


I am interested in cooperation with you. I am a seller of pine logs from Ukraine
      14-19 cm Length 3.8 (+10 cm) 
      20-25 cm Length 3.8 (+10 cm)
      20-25 cm Length 5.8 (+10 cm)
      26+ cm Length 3.8(+10 cm)
      26+ cm Length 5.8 (+10 cm) 
      Grade - ABC mix
      All freshly sawn logs is not more then 20 days

Specifications and prices can be adjusted. This is discussed with each customer individually

We can delivery 20 000 cbm in month and more

Payment and delivery

Terms of paymentLC
Country of destination on IncotermsChina


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