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Pallet elements 22 mm x 143 mm x 800 mm

Supplier: European Woods Supplier Plc Trade offer: #234132819

Pallet elements 22 mm x 143 mm x 800 mm

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Supply volume 500 m3 / month
Delivery from Kostopol, Ukraine


Fresh Cut and KD Pallet Elements.
Hardwood (Baltic Mix) - alder/aspen/birch. Pallet lumbers of various type of woods (pine, Spruce, Beech, Birch , Oak, Poplar etc.
We sell wood (alder, Pine Spruce, Beech, Poplar ) and other wood lumbers for pallet production and Edge-glued panels for steps and window sills. If the order volume is more than one truck load, it is possible to make pallet size material according to customer’s drawings.
We can also manufacture other industrial packaging from the wood. We provide quick, timely and controlled orders’ completion.





Wood Elements: Beech, Pine, Spruce, Birch, Aspen, Alder, Ash, Cherry, Oak, Poplar.


Thicknesses: 12-75 mm and up


Widths: 50 mm to 150 mm


Length: 400mm to 3000mm(Cut to size required by customers)


22 mm
143 mm
800 mm


Company from Kostopol, Ukraine
Speaks languages: English, Russian

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