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Profiled beam

US$330 / m3
Supplier: TorusBel Trade offer: #231456207

Profiled beam

US$330 / m3
pre-order, 14 days
Supply volume 200 m3 / once
Delivery from Brest, Belarus


The profiled beam is made of wood of natural humidity

In houses angular connections are made of a profiled bar mechanically, excluding emergence of cracks between elements of walls.

Wreaths of walls connect among themselves by the principle "thorn groove", between them the tape heater is put. Production of a profiled bar on the new high-precision woodworking equipment excludes thinnesses of a prileganiye and guarantees a neproduvayemost of an external cover of the house. Walls of such design provide durability of all structure and reduce to a minimum of loss of heat.


200 mm
200 mm
Moisture content
25 %


Company from Brest, Belarus
Speaks languages: Russian

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Name of product Beam KD Cedar 100 mm x 100 mm x 6 m Glued laminated timber with EPS thermal insulation 160 mm x 160 mm x 12 m Profiled beam Profiled scantlings, VEH, CE, PEFC 90 mm x 90 mm x 5 m Glued beam
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