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Packaging Plywood

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Wood speciesKeruing
Width, mm100
ProducerSarkar Plywood Pvt. Ltd.
Thickness, mm35
Length, mm1000
Country of originIndia



Sarkar Packaging Plywood is well known internationally for its cost effectiveness of the flanges produced and they account of their strength and endurance. A wide variety of flanges with the dimensions that are accurate to the highest details are available for exports.


Face: Keruing (100% Hard Wood)

Core: 100% Eco Friendly, High Density – Hardwood

Glue: CWR

Density: 672kg/m3


35mm -      1000 x 1000mm, 0950 x 0950mm, 0850 x 0800mm 

30mm -      1000 x 1000mm, 0950 x 0950mm, 0850 x 0800mm

24mm -      1000 x 1000mm, 0950 x 0950mm, 0850 x 0800mm, 

                  0850 x 0850mm, 0800 x 0800mm, 0750 x 0820mm, 

                  0725 x 0725mm

20mm -      0725 x 0725mm, 0720 x 0720mm, 0715 x 0715mm, 

                  0700 x 0700mm, 0620 x 0675mm, 0600 x 0670mm, 

                  0600 x 0600mm

18mm -      0715 x 0715mm, 0700 x 0700mm, 0620 x 0675mm, 

                  0620 x 0620mm, 0610 x 0610mm, 0600 x 0600mm, 

                  0550 x 0550mm, 0440 x 0440mm, 0400 x 0400mm, 

                  0360 x 0360mm, 0320 x 0320mm, 0485 x 0485mm, 

                  0495 x 0495mm

16mm -      0440 x 0440mm, 0360 x 0360mm, 0550 x 0550mm


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