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Convective drying chambers

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Convective drying chambers

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Production Enterprise "Izhevsk plant Teploagregatny" produces convective drying chambers:

     The drying chamber for wood ITZ-SC 15.

Helpful Loading capacity 15 cubic meters of lumber drying process is fully automated with the use of modern technology.

      The drying chamber for wood ITZ-SC 30.

Useful volume of 30 cubic meters load of lumber drying process is fully automated with the use of modern technology.

      The drying chamber for wood ITZ-SC 50.

The principle of operation of the convection dryers is in the heating timber by means of a carrier gas - drying agent (as a drying agent may act steam, air and combustion gases).

When heated, wood moisture is released, which increases the moisture content of the drying agent. The excess moisture is ejected from the drying agent in the environment.

Useful volume of 50 cubic meters load of lumber drying process is fully automated with the use of modern technology.

Convective drying of lumber method has several advantages:

- Disposal of waste (waste-free production);
- Incineration of waste is carried out heating the coolant (water, steam, air, ...);
- Shorter drying process the timber to the desired final humidity (due to higher temperature in the chamber);
- Indicators of quality lumber drying 1,2,3,4 - quality grade of lumber drying
In a convection drying process, the following processes:
Heating by increasing the supply of coolant water heaters;
Cooling - due to the release of moist hot air into the environment at the termination of supply of coolant in the radiator and the subsequent opening of the valves of supply and exhaust ducts, as well as opening the doors at the end of the drying cycle.
Dehumidification - by partially air with the environment through the supply and exhaust ducts and / or by heating.
Humidification - Termination of ventilation and / or high steam at very low pressure or spray water and / or lowering the temperature.
The housing of the drying chamber and the supporting structure.

Convection drying chambers "PP" Izhevsk plant Teploagregatny "collapsible, which can significantly reduce the time spent on the installation kamer.Naruzhnye and internal sheets of wall panels are made of corrugated aluminum thickness - 0.8 mm.
Spec. order wall panels may be made of stainless steel (a thickness of the metal panels for the mentioned). -bazaltovaya Insulation wool thickness - 200 mm.
Block heaters bimetallic.

Maximum heat from the coolant (water). High resistance to corrosion.

Kalorifiry series KSK
vent assembly

DSC00201Ventilyatsionny assembly consisting of a frame (frame) with axial fans. Fans made in the tropical version. The number of fans installed in the chamber depends on the amount and size of the camera. Fans are designed and manufactured specifically for use in environments with high humidity at high temperatures.
Cabinet with electrical power

Valve exhaust and ventilation (electric)

Unnamed 1Vozdushnye-valve mounted in the drying chamber for humidity control, and maintenance of specified temperature conditions within the chamber. Temperature range are adjusted automatically and manually, depending on wood type and desired moisture level timber. Managing the operation of valves by the microprocessor built into the electrical cabinet.

Gate assembly

In the production of kilns used two types of gates, swing and sliding lifting. The first option is available for cameras are not very large, as well as the use of a face load of lumber. Option with lifting and sliding gates used in the complexes cameras or cameras in a large load of lumber. To open the sliding gate hoisting a mechanical drive, so you can open the camera at low temperatures.
Automatic control system of the drying process

delfiDatchiki moisture control system and the measured air temperature in the chamber, and the moisture content. Depending on the condition and type of wood is regulated and maintained the necessary microclimate.

Production Enterprise "Izhevsk plant Teploagregatny" convection cells in the controller, DELPHI.
Automatic controller DELPHI - is a modern reliable and convenient facilities for a variety of high-quality wood drying with the following new features:
1. Suitable for drying chambers of any size, with a variable number of sensors wood temperature and the equilibrium moisture content (up to 32 sensors wood equilibrium moisture sensors 8 and 8 temperature sensors) and with a large number of selectable parameters.

2. The controller is equipped with a LCD display with a convenient menu that provides an intuitive and quick access to all functions.

3. Several embodiments of the drying process modes (the drying cycle, based on the gradient equilibrium humidity or time, and also on the number of process steps 1 to 10) that allows the controller Delphi compete with currently existing analogues.

4. Proportional regulation of air dampers and heating.

5. Proportional control of the fans with an external inverter or two-speed switch.

6. Energy saving by choosing the time period and the percentage reduction in fan power and / or heat.

7. Modern security system allows you to create the best conditions for drying wood, even when a technical problem. Also allows you to make changes to the program only to authorized personnel. At the same time all the necessary
Control parameters are presented on the display.

8. All measured parameters stored in the controller, where they are retained even if the power is turned off.
Options convection drying chamber timber.

     The housing of the drying chamber;
     Fasteners for assembly;
     Solenoid valve for humidification systems;
     Power control cabinet drying chamber;
      Pipe with nozzles humidification humidification;
      Controller Rune management;
     Teflon wire for humidity sensors wood;
      Needles for measuring moisture content of wood;
     Cellulose plates for measuring humidity
     Air temperature sensors;
     The mechanical system of opening the gate;
      Inspection door;
     Supply and exhaust valves;
      Servo motors for supply and exhaust valves;
     Heat-resistant silicone cable for electric fans;
      Servo cable for supply and exhaust valves
     Three-way valve with electric.
     The control system of the drying process.
     Specifications of the drying chamber 15 cubic meters. m.




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