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Wood species
European hardwood
Oak (European)(5)
European softwood
Maritime Pine(1)
Spruce - Whitewood(12)
Scandinavian softwood
Pine - Redwood(7)
Spruce - Whitewood(2)
Heating valuekcal/kg
Wood densitykg/m3
Loading densitykg/m3
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found 39 products Biofuel
US$0.14 for kg, wholesale/retail
In stock
Heating value 4 800 kcal/kg
Company from Moscow (Russia)
Price negotiable
In stock
Diameter 8 mm
Company from Douala (Cameroon)
US$320 for mt, wholesale
Pre-order, 45 days. Minimum order: 25 tones.
Wood species Acacia
Company from Agadir (Morocco)
Price negotiable
In stock
Wood species Beech
Company from Lvov (Ukraine)
Price negotiable
In stock
Company from Lvov (Ukraine)
Price negotiable
In stock. Minimum order: 25 tones.
Company from Lvov (Ukraine)
Price negotiable
US$88 for mt, retail
In stock
Company from Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia)
Price negotiable
In stock
Wood species Acacia; Heating value 10 kcal/kg; Wood density 1 kg/m3; Loading density 1 kg/m3
Company from Tehran (Iran)
US$47 for mt, wholesale
Pre-order. Minimum order: 21.77 tones.
Wood species Oak (European)
Company from Livadeia (Greece)
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