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In stockDate: 30.01.17
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Minimum order: 500 m3.
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Supply volume 500 m3 / month
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Wood speciesPine - Redwood
Width, mm100
Moisture content, %18
Length, m4
Thickness, mm20
ProducerООО ПромТэк


Production base for the manufacture of products to be in Minusinsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk.
We manufacture our products on the European equipment with automatic line feed.
The volume of production per month - 1 000 m³.
Moulded products:
Lining - Larch, Cedar, Pine, Spruce.
Imitation of beam - Cedar, Pine, Spruce.
Planed Flooring - Larch, Cedar, Pine, Spruce.
Decking - larch, pine, fir.
Strip - larch, pine, fir.
Cost of 1 m3, excluding delivery -dogovornaya!

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Payment and delivery

Terms of paymentПредоплата
TransportationRailroad car


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