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Wood species
European hardwood
White poplar(1)
European softwood
Spruce - Whitewood(6)
Scandinavian softwood
Pine - Redwood(2)
Spruce - Whitewood(1)
South American softwood
Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata, insignis)(1)
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found 19 products Pallet, packaging timber
Price negotiable
Wood species Pine - Redwood; Length 12 m; Width 90 mm; Thickness 17 mm
Company from Holten (Netherlands)
US$0.10 for pcs, wholesale
In stock
Height 150 mm; Length 300 mm; Width 200 mm
Company from Podstarin (Belarus)
Price negotiable
In stock
Wood species Pine; Length 4 m
Company from Lvov (Ukraine)
US$183 for m3, wholesale
In stock. Minimum order: 1 000 cubic metres.
Wood species Pine; Length 1 m; Width 98 mm; Thickness 18 mm
Company from Pervomayskoe (Russia)
Price negotiable
In stock
Width 1 500 mm
Company from Warsaw (Poland)
Price negotiable
In stock
Width 1 200 mm
Company from Srednyaya Akhtuba (Russia)
US$122 for m3, wholesale/retail
Wood species Pine; Length 4 m; Width 200 mm; Thickness 150 mm
Company from Malin (Ukraine)
US$98 for pcs, retail
In stock
Wood species Spruce - Whitewood; Length 6 m; Width 100 mm; Thickness 100 mm
Company from Izhevsk (Russia)
US$115 for pcs, retail
In stock
Width 100 mm
Company from Olonets (Russia)
US$1.15 for pcs, wholesale/retail
In stock
Width 100 mm
Company from Nepetsino (Russia)
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