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Iroko Lumber AD 40 mm x 400 mm x 2.1 m

US$560 / m3
Supplier: Silver Ortus Trade offer: #237931167

Iroko Lumber AD 40 mm x 400 mm x 2.1 m

US$560 / m3
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US$490/ m3 from 1500 m3
Supply volume 10 000 m3 / month
Delivery from Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Squared Off Log

Air Dried Under Controlled Enviroment


Our logs are carefully screened and selected by our experience forestry staff. This quality control procedure is necessary to avoid decay, holes which would impact the final product. Once our staff are satisfied with quality, the logs are processed to obtain a finished product ready for export – which is a cleanly cut, rough square log with no bark. Clients have the right to inspect loaded containers within country of loading or by photographic images.


Used for construction work, shipbuilding and marine carpentry, sleepers, sluice gates, framework, trucks, draining boards, outdoor and indoor joinery, stairs, doors, frames, garden furniture, cabinet work, panelling, flooring and profile boards for decorative and structural uses. It is also used for carving, domestic utensils, musical instruments and toys. As it is resistant to acids and bases, it is used for tanks and barrels for food and chemical products and for laboratory benches



Wood species
Iroko (Mvuli, Kambala, Semli, Rokko)
40 mm
400 mm
Moisture content
8 %
Drying methods
Air drying
Silva Ortus
Country of origin
Sierra Leone

Payment and delivery

Terms of payment
Packing method
By agreement
Destination Country
Sierra Leone


Company from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Speaks languages: English, Espanol, Arabic

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