Angelo Cappelletti Timber Agency

Информация о компании

Агенты, брокеры
Год создания 1994
от 1 до 10 человек

Контактная информация

Италия 20030, Ломбардия, Камнаго, Viale Italia, 56

Дополнительная информация

Intermediation agency and woods importation sawn, logs. Broad-leaf from Europe, North and South America, Africa.

Nordic fir pine of the improve productions for fine joinery, carpentry and packings, matchboards and finger joint beams .

Semifinished panels made of solid wood, in beech wood, oak, cherry tree, acacia, alder, poplar, performed on dimensions requested by client.

Semi-manufactured products for the industry of the piece of furniture with particular attention to the sectors: kitchen, chair and turning.

Panels made of orient strat board in class 2-3-4.

Plywood for ureic or phenolic packing on the cheap.

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