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Китай 100096, Пекин, China Post Science Academy, Haidian District, Beijing city, China

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China International Wood & Wood Products Trade Conference (IWTC) is one of the best-known wood and wood products trade fairs in China, it have been successfully held eight times in the cities such as Beijing、Shanghai and Guangzhou, it conforms the industrial development trend, and offers a display and trade exchanges and export platform for the domestic and international wood and wood products enterprises. The wood fair gathered up the latest products、up-to-date technology and latest trade policies in wood and wood products industry, and bridge the gap between the international purchasers and suppliers. The 9th Wood & Wood Products Expo take advantage of the previous eight wood fairs, strengthen the service consciousness, put forward new measures, strengthen publicity abroad, relying on numerous experience of undertaking professional exhibition of Organizing Committee, this exhibition will be the largest wood and wood products exhibition in China, and will bring participating enterprises limitless business opportunity and heavy harvest.

Ⅰ. Organization

Orgnizer: China Wood Trade Web

Beijing Zhonglin Huida International Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Asia Green--Culture Association

China Architectural Cuture Center

China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA)

Co-sponsor by:The Center for Housing Industrialization of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction

China Real Estate Association

Overseas Co-Organizer by:Russian Irkutsk Government Malaysian Timber Council Canada Wood Malaysian Furniture Industry Council

Media Support: Timber Web

Ⅱ. Highlights

* New Concepts: Provides a feast of wood products and decorative panels. we strengthen the scope compare with the previous international fairs, and all kinds of LOG、BOARD and WOOD PRODUCTS will appeared on the fair. New concepts, new markets, furthermore the special e-commerce platform: China Wood Trade ( will be used to provide accurate and timely trade matching service.

*The Largest: relying on numerous experience of undertaking professional exhibition of Organizing Committee and the largest client date-base, this exhibition will be the largest wood and wood products exhibition in China

*Promote Mutually: The 10th China International Exhibition on Housing Industry will be held on the same day, which expand the amount of the visitors and the exhibiters .you can feeling the special purchasing experience with the rich variety, Complete Brands, circumspect suit services.

Ⅲ. Content of Exhibition

Area A:For Raw material supplying

 Log

Local log: crude wood, birch, pinewood, polar, fraxinus mandshuriea, oak, elmwood, mahogany, cedar timber, paper making materials, mine timber, etc.

Imported log: African timber、North American timber、European timber、South American timber、South Eastern Asian、Australian timber、Russian timber, etc.

 Board: Artificial board, veneer, integrated timber, block board, facing slab, formwork of wood or architecture mode, fiber board, decoration plate, density plywood, particleboard, lumber, wood veneer, bamboo plywood, wood bark, finger joint lumber , decorative board, plywood, fireproof board, wood line, furniture subsidiary fittings, etc.

 Antisepsis timber: fire proof timber, fireproofing veneer, modified timber, wood-plastic product, etc.

 Carpentry Accessories: desiccant, wood preservative, colorant composition, timber modifiers, plate additive, etc.

Stairs and Flooring: wood stair, stair tread, wooden cabinet, wood handles. multiple stair, Euro Star, Euro Master; Floorboard, Wood floorboard, Bamboo floorboard, Solid wood parquet flooring, Consolidated compound floor, Floor semi-finished products, PVC floorboard.

Area B: For Specially Invited Woodwork Purchaser

The organizer plans to specially invite top 10 of global most powerful purchasers to set up booth in the exhibition. There will be above 50 international flag purchasing enterprises setting up booth. Purchasers are interested in the following fields:

 Artificial board

 Flooring board

 Wood artwork

 Wood toy

Area C: For International Certificated Product

In order to help domestic woodwork producer to establish diverse raw material purchasing channels, and make it convenient for oversea purchasers to buy Chinese certificated woodwork, the organizer intentionally sets up an exhibition area for “international certificated product”. The following certificated products will be displayed:

 FSC certificated product: FM raw material and COC products

 PEFC certificated product:FM raw material and COC products

 CE certificated product

Others: Government Agencies, Association, import & export inspection and quarantine bureau, Quality supervision and test organizations, export direction and management organizations, Consulting organizations, Investment companies, Design organizations, Timber trading market, timber storage , Publication of physical distribution corporation, Media, etc.

Ⅳ. Membership Dues

Content Price Notes

Booth 3x3 m2 USD 3500 /unit equipped with the company name, the booth number, two or three partitions, one table, two chairs, ordinary lighting and one 220V/10A electricity power outlet.

Bare Stand 350USD/ m2 For raw space, Carpet, light, power supply, table, chair and other facilities are available for rent. Self-built exhibitors need to pay the exhibition construction fee to the exhibition center according to the pricing list released by the center.

Ad. On the Catalogue

Color back Cover USD 6,000 The exhibition catalogue is available in both Chinese and English edition, printed in color, and includes introduction and contact method of all attendees, distributed to all attendees during the exhibition, and presented to governments, industry associations and related purchasers etc. The catalogue is printed in 16 K, the size of advertisement film is 210 x 28.5.

Back Cover USD 4,000

Inside front cover USD3,000

Inside back cover USD2,000

Full page: USD1500

Ticket back Ad USD 3000

(20000 pieces)

Ⅴ.Media support

 Authorized media:



Newspaper: China Construction News

Journal: Housing Industry

 Media support:


TV: phoenix TV/ Oriental TV/ Guangdong TV/ ShenzhengTV/ Chongqing TV/ Tianjin TV/ China National Radio/ Beijing people’s Radio

Journal: China business, China Economy Times, China Construction News, Beijing Daily, Beijing Evening, Beijing youth news,

Ⅵ.Statistics of 2010 event

Visitor’s occupation

Government & association: 4%

Contractor: 19%

Media: 4%

Developer: 8%

College: 8%

Distributor & im-export: 8%

Agent: 12%

Design institute: 13%

Manufacturer: 16%

Else: 8%

Visitor’s title

CEO: 33.95%

General Manager: 22.22%

Project manager: 20.68%

Purchase manager: 8.33%

Technical and engineer: 5.56%

Administrator from company: 4.01%

Else: 5.25%

There were more than 47,000visitors coming from China and abroad,

Ⅶ.Application procedures:

Please complete the application form and send back through fax or express, remit the participation fee to the following bank account. After the application is accepted, the committee will reserve the booth for the applier according to chronicle order that the payment is received. The committee will send the “Exhibitor Guide” to exhibitors prior to the exhibition.


Exhibition period:

9:00am—16:30pm,Sep 27,2011

9:00am—16:30pm, Sep 28,2011

9:00am—15:00pm, Sep 29,2011

Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center

Beijing Zhonglin Huida International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

Add: China Post Science Academy, Haidian District, Beijing city, China


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