Excel International Ventures Pvt Ltd

Информация о компании

Древесноволокнистые плиты (ДВП, MDF, HDF)
Год создания 2004

Контактная информация

Шри Ланка 00500, Коломбо, 427, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo-5

Дополнительная информация

Excel international Ventures was established in 1992 as a trading enterprise,

Specialized in total solution for furniture & construction industry. We represent many prestigious manufactures/ suppliers from all corners of the world and promote sales; Our Company is one stop shop for all your office / home interior & exterior decoration.

Our company introduce MDF from South African producer P. G. Bison to our Furniture manufacture in 1996 as this product was not know/used in Sri Lanka. Presently we are market leader with Robin Brand MDF & Robina Brand HDF in Sri Lanka market.

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