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Строганные пиломатериалы
Год создания 2007
от 10 до 50 сотрудников

Контактная информация

Финляндия 22530, Эспоо, Espoo

Дополнительная информация

Finnish trading company METSAFIRMA offers the following:

- Exports of coniferous sawn timber according to GOST 26002-83 and milling details of the timber from Karelia.

All our products are guaranteed high quality and competitive prices.

Shipment carried out from a warehouse in Karelia:

* containers

* ship parties during navigation

* delivery of production by motor transport

* delivery up to port

* customs clearing

Dimensions GOST 26002-83:

22x 100- 225x 2.4-6m

25x 100- 225x 2.4-6m

32x 100- 225x 2.4-6m

38x 100- 225x 2.4-6m

44x 100- 225x 2.4-6m

47x 100- 225x 2.4-6m

50x 100- 225x 2.4-6m

63x 100- 225x 2.4-6m

75x 100- 225x 2.4-6m

Dimensions planed board:

19x 63x 1.83- 4.88m

19x 89x 1.83- 4.88m

19x 89x 1.83- 4.88m

19x 184x 1.83- 4.88m

38x 63x 1.83- 4.88m

38x 89x 1.83- 4.88m

38x 140x 1.83- 4.88m

38x 184x 1.83- 4.88m

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