Xu lin agent

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Агенты, брокеры

Контактная информация

Китай 100081, Пекин, beijing, china

Дополнительная информация

My name is Xulin (Shirley) and I was engaged in the import and export work of wood and other goods. I have experience and familiar with customers and market of China. Now there are several long –term customers and large amount of orders on my hand. If company of you hope in expand and develop business of exportation to China, I can for you connection customers, and look for long-tern cooperation for you, Supervise and produce and coordinate your connection with customer!

I would like to offer my service as a possible trade agent or a representative of your company in China.

You can get:

1.more and more Chinese customers

2.doing business with Chinese customers directly, no middle trade company to step up the price

3.not to need to hire Chinese translator or open your office in china

4.information of Chinese market whenever you want

5.comparing and negotiation the price and other items of customers for you

You must abide your promise:

1.contact with customer through me as your agent or representative

2.give me the lower price as you can

3.pay me commission or salary (I will negotiate it with you)

4.sign a agreement with me (commission agreement or salary agreement)

5. honest and efficient

I will become yours faithful partner or the business representative. I assure you that I will do my best as your agent to reach success and mutual benefit. I will be happy to discuss with you all possible offers and terms of our cooperation. If your company has this purpose, please you don't hesitate to contact me.

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