Ynox Ltd.

Информация о компании

Год создания 2003
от 1 до 10 человек

Контактная информация

Россия 107076, Москва, Korolenko 7-3-21

Дополнительная информация

ExporOur company is engaged in trade in the Siberian species of a tree.

Basically we trade in those species which possess unique properties and grow only in Siberian region.

It is the Siberian cedar (chessnut), the Siberian larch, an Angarsk pine, a fir and also products of their reprocessing.

We can deliver, logs, a half timber, a board. By wagon rates, containers, steamship parties up to 5000 м3 GOST thus it is used both Russian and export.

We also can put from the European part of Russia a beech, an oak, a birch, a fur-tree, pines and products from them

t - Import

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