Action Data Group


成立 1995


乌克兰 49005, , , Simferopolskaya, 21, of.301


Action Data Group is a US consulting and research firm, focusing exclusively on Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. We add value to the operations of our clients, who aim at increasing their presence on local markets, assisting them in retrieval and analysis of endless data flows of primary and secondary information. By identifying, filtering and processing these info streams we supplement and organize our clients’ knowledge base, providing them with actionable deliverables.

Focusing exclusively on the former Soviet markets since 1989, the Action Data Group researchers and consultants at provide services in the areas of:

basic market research;

corporate identity surveys;

competitive analysis;

due diligence;

HR consulting and assistance;

retail audits and other business services.

ADG has an extensive experience in the most major sectors of economy.