Allando Trailways As


成立 2007


爱沙尼亚 10152, Narva mnt.53


My name is Irina Kushanova. I am a representative of Estonian transport enterprise Allando Trailways. I would like to offer our services to your Company. The main activity of Allando Trailways AS is international freight forwarding by road in the EU and the CIS (inc. Russia). Our company was established in 1991 and currently we have our own fleet of more than 100 truck and semi trailer combinations. At the moment we have one of the largest truck fleets in the Baltic, consisting of both tilt and refrigerated trailers.

If you have any questions (time, tariff, etc.) about transporting merchandise by road, please, don’t hesitate to ask me by phone +372 6644090 or by e-mail

Hoping we'll be having mutually beneficial relations.