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Propose to implement timber: the entire range of building boards, wooden houses, wood products, and more. Our experts will choose for you the desired position for the best price, competently and professionally organized by the timber at the specified address.

Algorithm for our work next. In the northern regions of Russia (Arkhangelsk Region., Vologda region. Kirov region., Komi, etc.), the specialists of our trading house buys timber is not directly on the workpieces and sawmill, sawing timber carrying the finished product. This allows us to shorten delivery of lumber, and as less expensive the final cost of production due to direct supplies from harvesting timber, bypassing the entire network of resellers. Depending on the volume of production, shipment may be carried out, on request, different modes of transport: railways cars, vehicles, ships.

At the moment the cost of one cubic meter of wood is 5500 rubles.

We deliver complete kits of wooden houses from both the timber and logs from otsillindrovannogo or chopped by hand. Wishes of the customer assembles the houses, process ognebiozaschitoy.

Arrange delivery of lumber at the most favorable conditions, both in Russia and anywhere in the world.

Work on the lumber market in 2005.

Your application you can do by telephone or by e-mail, our specialists will contact you.

We will answer in Russian.

Phones in Russia +7-910-223-21-75

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