成立 2011


俄罗斯 440000, 奔萨, Penza, Industrial St. 42


The joiner's workshop «ARCHImaster» will accept orders for manufacturing of any kinds of furniture: tables, chairs, stools, regiments, racks, whatnots, bedside tables, beds, benches, benches, etc. the Material a pine, an elm, an oak, a birch. From a tree file. We will consider offers on furniture manufacturing on your sizes and sketches. High quality of manufacturing on the import equipment. Performance of orders with woodcarving of any complexity is possible. And also our profile includes manufacturing, restoration and designing of ladder designs from a tree file (an oak, a birch, a pine).Designers decisions and qualitative work, an individual approach. Departure of the designer and the master in the specified day in any region Russian Federation on business trip. Cost of works is underlined under the made estimate.

Delivery of a material from a birch, any offers.