Artel ltd


成立 1992


乌克兰 54017, , , Chkalova, 20


Artel ltd producing woodworking and metalworking equipment:

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster is designed for applications such as contouring, drilling, milling, routing, inlays and cutouts and engraving. Work surface area 2100x1200.

Unique CNC woodworking four-sider planer Uzor (Pattern) for making a relief surface. New patent technologies – new unique workpieces. You can produce all that you can think off, and also: Figured lining clapboard, Ornamental panels, An ornamental flooring board, A parquet, A figured plinth, Ornamental dressings for windows, doors, hoods, fire places, Baguettes, Ornamental furniture elements.

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma. Machines suitable for cutting metal and an excising of any circuits on a sheet with sizes 2500x1500 mm and width up to 35 mm. Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass. Machines are equipped with Abicor plasma cutters, Germany.

CNC laser cutting machines ArtLaser - this system created for laser cutting and engraving, allowing you to treat preparation with noncontact, fast and the precision tool. Materials: PVC, decorative polystyrol, wood, laminated wood, veneer, leather, rubber, paper, cardboard.

Membrane vacuum press MVP-2512 allows facing panels with PVC films and veneers. Using a new heating system and vacuum technology you can get a durable product that is distinguished by the elegance and complexity of its surface structure.

Artel Ltd supply with PVC furniture film made in South Korea. Color range - 250 colors.