Asia Crafts and Furniture Limited Company


成立 2007


越南 10000, Hanoi, 47 Tuong Mai, Hoang Mai


Welcome to our company, a reliable address for you to set up a long-term business relationship.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a preeminent manufacturer of lacquer product in Vietnam. Our company named Asia Crafts And Furniture Co., Ltd. locates at Tuong Mai, Hoang Mai, Ha noi, Vietnam and our factory bases on Thuong Tin, Ha Noi, Vietnam

With gathering of talented and experienced craftsmen, we always ensure the highest quality to all lacquer products, so our lacquer products has been highly appreciated both in abroad and in domestic. In addition to, we also pay much attention to price and prompt service so that our customers can make huge profit.

All our customers are convinced at right time of receiving our sample product and it is evident that we get big order from them after that.

Our products are displayed and sold best at luxurious shops in countries as USA, EU, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore etc. . . .

And now in your turn, let us bring you much more profit with our high quality product.

It is believed that you will feel really satisfied with our product and service.

Contact us now via our website Lacquertrees(dot) com