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Mehmet Akif Asmaz


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土耳其 77040
Merkez Mah. Yeni Sanayi Cad. No:31 Taşköprü/Çiftlikköy 77040

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3 000 thousand cubic meters

Like you, we are concerned about saving the earth’s resources, which is why ASMAZ Wood frame Custom houses are synonymous with low-energy consumption. ASMAZ Wood Frame Custom Homes is one of Turkey’s newest and most respected home builders. We have been building homes for Turkish People since 1956, and since the early 2000’s we have been offering our stat e o f the art wood frame housing technology all over the country. Since that time we have shipped our home packages to the all nation wide in Turkey. Our building system can adapt to any climate, and we can conform to any local building code requirements. Because we build our homes one at a time, we can also customize each package to suit our client’s needs .Starting with a simple design concept, our team works with you to create a complete custom design. From there, our manufacturing division takes over to produce your home package. Starting in 2008, we made the decision to upgrade our product line to green building standards, which is one of the highest levels of energy efficiency for wood frame construction in the world. Our home packages are guaranteed to cut energy costs and provide comfortable, healthy living conditions for years to come anywhere in the world. DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURAL The starting point of an outstanding home is always design. The design you choose determines the look and the basic structural requirements of your home. In turn, this impacts many of the other activities involved in successfully completing the project. At ASMAZ Wood Frame Homes our focus is on creating a home package developed specifically to meet your individual needs. There is no addition al design cost for customizing one of our designs or creating your own unique home design. Each home package can be individually priced based on your particular specifications. The following price has been developed to provide you with prices based on floor plans featured that you provided to ASMAZ. This price should be used as a starting pointing designing your dream homes. Most of the components in our homes can be modified to suit your specific design features. To further enhance your creative potential, we offer a wide range of finishing options and can even create custom siding profiles. As wood frame home builder, we offer a high quality material package with all the homes featuring with wall panels, floor trusses and roof trusses. Our designs can also include log and solid timbers if this is the look you would prefer. Structural log components or accents are available in spruce, fir or yellow pine. Structural solid timber components are available in spruce. We also only use timber from sustainable managed forest resources for every tree used; at least two new saplings are planted. Rich, natural materials, floor to ceiling windows, and harmonious living spaces are just some common attributes of ASMAZ Wood Frame Custom Homes. Attention to detail has helped us create a commanding presence in the world of custom homes a unique signature style and quality that is none other than ASMAZ. Whether it’s an energy-efficient home on a limited budget or an exclusive house of grander design, ASMAZ can build it for you… So with an ASMAZ Wood Frame Custom Homes, you’re saving money and nature’s resources. Thank you for choosing ASMAZ HOMES!