ASTEK Group of companies


成立 1994


俄罗斯 196655, 圣彼得堡, 20 А, Sevastyanova Ul,


Integrated industrial production of equipment has been developed and launched: automated heat-generating plants TGU from 1 to 15 MW; automated lines for drying of rotary-cut veneer, capacity 4 to 10 m3/h for dry veneer, based on heat-generating plants with capacity 4 to 10 MW operating on wet (moisture content 80% and higher) wastewood, polished sawdust including;automated lines for production of wood pellets, capacity 2 to 15 t/h for wood pellets based on heat-generating plants with capacity 2 to 8 MW, operating on wet (moisture content 80% and higher) wastewood polished sawdust including; automated boilers with application of heat generating plants, capacity 0.6 to 15 MW based on steam and hot-water boilers, in cooperation with Petrokotel company with capacity for heat energy 0.5 to 25 GCal; automated lines for preparation of raw-wood, with an application of scraper yards (volume of loading up to 1000 m3), crushing equipment (roll crushers, rotor crushers, hammer crushers) and conveyors (scraper, band and auger) with capacity 2 to 50 t/h for raw-wood; classifying equipment; hydraulic warehouses, drag devices, roller conveyors, glue drums, hoppers; lines of timber dislocation; drum kilns for chips capacity

5 t/h, 8-10 t/h for dry chips.