成立 2002


俄罗斯 117587, 莫斯科, Varshavsskoye hosse, dom 125, stroyenye 1,sekzya 11


One of our main goals is to make BDO a large international network with a single corporate center, client database, uniform approaches and methods of approaching clients, and unified high quality services everywhere in the world. We aim at obtaining all characteristic features of a global organization. We strive to become one of the leading internationally recognised professional audit and consulting networks, a preferred advisor for our clients.

We offer the highest quality services to Russian clients in 135 countries. Our objective is to provide our Russian clients with a uniform BDO client experience not only in Russia, but in any country where a Russian company has a current or planned presence. We offer our clients a full scope of services — audit, financial advisory, tax and legal consulting, system integration and business advisor, and business process outsourcing, while following the industry approach and using the BDO network industry expertise. We are also able to advise Russian companies who are looking to enter international financial markets.

We intend to become an employer of choice in the area of professional services. Common corporate values and cooperation principles are in place in all BDO companies, which are to ensure the creation of a unified team and the atmosphere of credibility, mutual understanding and support.