BG Holztechnik


成立 2009


俄罗斯 197375, 圣彼得堡, ul.Verbnaya 27


BG Holztechnik is a group of companies which provides all a full complex of

service in selection of the equipment, logistics, installation, assembly and

start up.

The main business idea is to apply innovation engineering technologies to

the Russian wood processing plants.

We have a huge experience in creating woodworking lines and in technical

process control in big plants as well as in small ones.

The main customs of BG Holztechnik are the sawmill and woodworking plants,

bodies of state administration that realize investment projects in building

new plants, modernization, reconstruction and technical reequipment of

production in order to serve global ecological problems.

We give consideration to the effectiveness of the project. It helps us to

analyze and improve operational processes in every stage.

Nowadays we have developed a new program for selection, start up and

production of an equipment. The program makes possible to produce final

products of the highest quality that don't have analogs in Russian market.