CEMEQ Minerals LLC


成立 2005


俄罗斯 455051, 车里雅宾斯克, Magnitogorsk, ul. Zhukova, d.2, korpus 4


Cemeq Minerals LCC is a company aimed at successful implementation of the projects in construction materials and mining industries.

Our main competencies are designing, manufacturing and supply of the following crushing, grinding and kilning equipment:

1. Crushers (jaw crushers, cone crushers, rotary crushers, toothed roll crushers);

2. Mills (cement mills, raw materials mills, ore-grinding mills);

3. Kilns (rotary and shaft kilns);

4. Dryers of various sizes.

5. Spare parts and components to the cement and mining equipment.

The equipment, designed and manufactured by us, has been successfully operating at 15 plants in Russia and CIS countries.

Our company mainly focuses on Russian machine-building plants as manufacturing capacity. Long-term cooperation with these machine-building plants allows us to offer our customers a whole range of services:

Development of design documentation for the main and auxiliary equipment for cement and other industries;

Manufacture and supply of equipment for the new capital construction;

Technical audit of existing facilities with the further development of technical proposals for upgrading;

Upgrading and revamping of existing facilities.

The strength of our company is our highly-skilled design-engineers, who have gained inestimable experience working for the best-known design institutes of Russia ("Giprotsement", "VNIITSEMMASH", JSC "RUSAL") and successfully implemented many projects.

Obtaining such an effective and professional combination of design, engineering and manufacture lets us offer you a complete portfolio of works and services namely:

Design - Manufacture - Supply - Installation Supervision – Maintenance of equipment for cement and mining industries.