CNK International Corporation


成立 1997


南韩 405, Inchon, Hyundai Plaza Bldg. No 218, 1472-1, Juan4-Dong, Nam-Gu,


We, CNK International Corporation, is a Korean based trading company established in 1987 specializing in international major resources, as leading international trader with 20 overseas executives for more than 18 years experience mainly in world market. CNK International Corporation is also dedicated itself to the development of bilateral and multi-lateral trades among the countries of the world, and have mandate for export and import international major materials from substantial buyers, sellers & manufacturers.

We integrate the procurement of resources, research and development, production, import and export trade and marketing of demanded products, with its import and export business focusing on the related products such as Natural Rubber, Urea Fertilizer, Steel products & Timber products and so on, it actively expands other business fields in broader sense. Along with its active market development in trading products, CNK International Corporation is striving to perfect its service system such as competitive quotation, trustable delivery & high quality, and provide the substantial customers.

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