Innovazionnaya poroyektnaya kompanya Citeco


成立 1997


俄罗斯 630004, 新西伯利亚, Novosibirsk, 304, Lenina st, 52


Our cervices:

• Design and construction of high and low pressure gas pipelines;

• Installation and service of gas boiler and generating gas equipment;

• Design and construction of highways; construction or renovation of railway track;

• Construction and installation engineering networks and systems security;

• production, installation and service security from fires and other low-current systems;

• Installation and service of semiconductor lighting product line for illumination of roads, tracks, backyard territories and interior of the industrial and public buildings;

• Design, production, installation and service of the equipment for treatment of industrial effluents;

• Design, manufacture and realization of works on erection of long steel constructions and casing pipes.