Colombo Eredi & Co


成立 1961


意大利 20058, , , Via A. Pennati, 6 - 20052 MONZA (MI)


COLOMBO EREDI is Leading Second-hand Solutions Worldwide. Our Company has successfully been

operating on the international market since 1961 for the supply of second-hand and fully reconditioned

Plants: Plywood Plants, Rotary Veneer Plants, Automatic Veneer Stackers Plants, Veneer Sliced Plants,

Drying Plants, Blockboard Plants, Chipboard Plants, Particleboard Plants, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Plants, Decorative Laminating Plants, Impregnation Plants, Melamine Plants, Profile Plants, Others Plants.

Complete Lines: Debarking Lines, Peeling Lines, Slicing Lines, Drying Lines, Glue Veneer Splicing Lines,

Press Lines, Sanding Lines, Lines according to Your requirements. Single Machines: Chipping Machinery,

Veneer Clipper, Clipper with Feeding and Outfeeding, Rotary Clipper, Head Cipper Machinery,

Patching Veneer Machinery, Guillotine, Veneer Splicer, Glue Spreader, Automatic Squaring Device,

Knife Grinding 300 different machines in our Stores. In Italy COLOMBO EREDI operates in four wide factories

and with our big stock of machines manufactured by first class Italian and European producers,

we are in a position to fulfil all different production and investment requirements. We are capable

of supplying the machines as they are or fully reconditioned with the assistance of skilled engineers for

the set up and commissioning. Our service is "All Inclusive" and comprehends: Consulting, Engineering,

Installation, Assembly and Testing, Constructions, Reconditioning, Technical modifications, Electronic

improvements, Training of your operative staff, Spare parts, Assistance, Dismantling, After Sales Services

and Logistics. COLOMBO EREDI is Your partner in Wood Industries and the satisfaction of our customers

is Your starting-point. Any of Your problems is our problem, choose COLOMBO EREDI, choose First Quality

for Your equipments. We buy Your Second-hand or Fully Reconditioned Machines and Plants for Wood Based

Panel Industries.