Congress Prominvest


成立 2004


俄罗斯 119019, 莫斯科, Nikitskiy bulvar d.7


Joint Stock Company “Congress-Prominvest” is a Company that aligns Investors with capital to businesses seeking that capital.

The real benefit of working with us is that we already have the good businesses listed with our network.

We know exactly, how to match an idea with a project.

Congress Prominvest provides bussiness consultancy, project development and support services to companies who are looking for business opportunities in Russia.

Our international experience

Our team has rich experience of working on diverse business projects in both Russian and international markets and bridging cultural differences and developing synergies between Russian and foreign companies.

Our unique competence

Through strategic alliance with the World's #1 in Business e-Coaching at and its Russian sister e-Coach at we are guiding international and Russian companies towards both effective and efficient business relationships.

Your unique benefits

Congress Prominvest is committed to assist your company in achieving long-term financial and strategic objectives of doing business in Russia. We have customers in more than 60 countries and our experience in facilitating international business projects and alliances is unmatched.

By maintaining its association with its projects “Congress-Prominvest” will continue to support them throughout their life.